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And the Angel said 'I must have put it down somewhere,'
'forget my own head next.'

About Once upon a time, an angel wielding a very impressive, very fiery sword, guarded the eastern gate of Eden. This all went swiftly downhill when a demonic serpent named Crawly made a visit that sent Adam and Eve packing, and out of the kindness, or at the very least decency of his heart, the angel gave the sword to them, and was shortly out of a job. Reassigned to Earth, he spent the next 6000 years plus wondering if perhaps he'd accidentally done the wrong thing, but not thinking too hard about it, because it was all part of God's ineffable plan after all. His only real companion through the millenia has been the very demon was mentioned earlier, though he now goes by Crowley, and sports a few more appendages. Despite being in opposing camps, they've spent so many years together that it's much more accurate to describe them as close friends than it is to deem them enemies.

Years ago, there was a near-Apocalypse in which the two did everything they could to avert the end of the world, and the whole thing ended up going nowhere. Only those beings directly involved are even able to remember it now. Both their superiors became dissatisfied with their behavior, and blamed it on the other, so a separation was forced upon them. Crowley was reassigned to making deals with humans, and Aziraphale moved his bookstore in Soho to that other SoHo, seeking both a change in scenery, and less of a reason to go outside. He is currently in a state of what he terms 'semi-retirement', meaning that he does the exact same amount of work as before, but spends all his free time reading rather than half of it drunk with Crowley. Retirement, he argues (when no one is around to hear him, especially his fellow angels), is a state of mind. In reality, he once tried submitting a resignation letter to heaven, but found the postage to be too outrageous to really be arsed to follow through.

And, as you might imagine, he's rather annoyed to learn Crowley was right, and there's a bigger and better Armageddon upon them.

RP Info Aziraphale is from Good Omens, crossed with Supernatural canon. He is played in the Brave New World verse at sixwordstories and thebennetcrew.

Aziraphale's other half is statusquodemon.

He's open to interactions with characters from any fandom, or original characters. If you need to get a hold of his mun, PM this journal.

Disclaimer I am not Aziraphale, Jeremy Irons, nor anyone involved with Good Omens. This journal was created for RP purposes only, and I make no profit from it. Move along.

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books, cocoa, doing accounts, getting smashed with crowley, heaven, ineffability, infamous bibles, morality, oscar wilde, prophecy books, tea, the arrangement, the ritz, the written word, waxing philosophical
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